Should You Care About Twitter Likes Or Retweets?

News 03:07 July 2020:

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Well, it does depend on what you use your twitter account for.

Twitter likes and/or retweets are just different ways of other users showing that they find your posts interesting or good enough to be shared with their followers. If you’re just tweeting your thoughts and ideas to express yourself, then perhaps things such as twitter likes or retweets may not mean much to you. You would appreciate it if someone find it interesting enough, but you wouldn’t be too affected by it.

However, if you’re using your twitter for business, then you may need to care a bit more about your likes and retweets. These are indications of how well-received are you among your followers and also an indication of how big your market can grow because your users may share your content. Chances are, your followers’ followers are also the same target market because people often move within the same circle. If your followers like or retweet your posts, then your market just got larger too.

Use your twitter well and you’ll soon get to where you want.