Learn about the two types of Users on Social Media, and how this impacts on your Popularity in Major Social Networks

News 05:01 January 2020:

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According to a study done by Rutgers University, there are two main types of people on social media; those who make updates about themselves, and those who share informative posts. The former are often refered to as “meformers,” because they only share information about their personal lifestyles. More than half the people on Instagram are meformers actually. On the other hand, Informers share tips about life, educate other people or share information that does not always revolve around their personal lives.

So, who gets more free likes? The Rutgers University study showed that informers got about twice as the number of free likes as the “meformers.” You know what that means? Most of your followers are more interested about helpful content, or entertaining content. Most of us are guilty about making tweets about lifestyles, but the good thing is that it is never too late to change. Next time you tweet or make a Facebook update, just ensure it is more of helpful information.