Is there a better Social Learning Network than Twitter?

News 05:01 January 2020:

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Sometimes back, people basically stayed active on twitter to attract followers and see who gets the highest number of twitter likes on their posts. Today, twitter is arguable the number one social learning network. Just think about it, where do news first break, twitter or on Facebook? Where do people publicize and discuss social happenings first? As you probably know, people are more likely to react and interact collectively on twitter than on any other social network.

When you are an organization that wants to publicize an upcoming event, Instagram may not create the hype and buzz that twitter can. Twitter is becoming the place to gather or do surveys in, the place to share learnt activities with friends and a place to archive what you learn when you don’t have your notebook with you. In fact, soon twitter might become a lecture room for some online colleges, and twitter likes might become the bench mark of the most valid arguments set out.