How many free followers do you need to be super famous on twitter?

News 06:01 January 2020:

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If there is something people are always searching for on twitter is followers. Having the biggest following in your city or neighborhood can elevate you to a special status in the presence of friends. If these many free followers also give you multiple likes and retweets to your posts, then you are on the right path to becoming a social media celebrity. But to become super famous on twitter, ten thousands followers might not be enough for you.

Most of the most famous people on twitter have tens of millions of followers, and although some of them do buy these followers, at least a good number of the followers are genuine. To gain popularity in any big city also demands having at least several hundred thousand followers, maybe half a million followers. If you have anything lower than one hundred thousand freefollowers can only make you a celebrity in a specific niche, but not a super famous person in the country. But since we can’t all get a million free followers, the goal should be to get as many followers as you can especially if you might need them for business or other purposes.f1

Free Followers The easy Way

Getting free followers should not be a hard task for anyone. You should also not have to buy followers when you could get them for free.

Following people to gain followers – You can try following people so that they can follow you back. This is a proven way as people tend to appreciate the gesture for following them and they show it by following you back. The strategy is to look for people to follow at the right place.

In order for this to work, you may need to track people to follow from a list of the people following accounts of famous people. It would be wise to choose a famous person in the target group you are looking to attract. This will get you followers as once you follow them; they’ll see you have a person in common and thy will be prompted to follow back. Getting a famous person from your target group is important as it will allow you to follow people interested in the same things you are and they will thus be a part of your target niche.

Using instagram lists to gain followers for free – Almost every social media platform will show you a list of people that are following you and those that you follow. One can manipulate this statistics to their advantage to gain free followers. When you look at another person’s profile you will be to see how many people they follow and how many are following them. You should pay more attention to profiles where the number of people they are following is more than the number of people following them. You should follow such accounts as they are more likely to follow you back.f2

Follow lots of people to get followers– One of the most used strategies to get a lot of free followers is to follow a lot of people. This is especially necessary for new instagram or twitter users. When you follow people, they become aware that you are on twitter or instagram and they can thus follow you back. It acts as a form of introduction for you into the social media platform you have just joined. It is almost a social media courtesy that once a person follows your account, you follow them back unless you are a celebrity or a social media bigwig.

Using content to get followers on instagram – Getting a lot of followers within a short period needs one to have a strategy. You need to do things that get people interested in your account so much so that they want to always be updated and thus follow you. Content is one way to go. Instagram mainly involves posting [pictures and it I very important for you to do it right. You should start by posting high quality and epic photos. You may to invest in a phone with a good camera or a camera that gives photos of good quality. You also need to upload good content all the time so as to attract followers. Keep it interesting and catchy so as to stay trending.