Companies and Twitter Polls

In the event that you are an avid user of twitter, chances are high that you have come across twitter polls; you do not necessarily have to be an avid user. Basically if you are one who keeps up with the latest social media trends, you have definitely heard of twitter polls. A twitter poll is basically an opinion poll that is set up on twitter. An individual or company uses their account to pose a question out there to the public.  The question is usually followed by a few multiple choices from which those participating in the poll are expected to pick the answer that they deem to be most correct. The answers are then automatically then polled and ranked from thehighest ranking to the lowest ranking in percentages.

The primary use of twitter polls is basically to get information. This is done both formally and informally. It is common knowledge that people ask questions so as to get information. Answers tend to provide certain information that the inquirer was looking to get.  In a nutshell, the same principle applies to the twitter polls and their overall use. Those setting up the polls are usually to get some information for various purposes and uses.

Companies set up twitter polls so as to get quite a lot of information from the market. They could use the polls to get information on how their products are being received in the market, what their customers are saying about the company and their products; whether or not their needs are being met and satisfied,  what more the customers could be expecting from the company among many other things.  The polls can actually prove to be very important tools in the research and development processes of companies.They could use the polls to help them how to for example best tailor a new product so that it can get the best reception in the market once it is launched.

Apart from simply getting the information stated above, companies can also use these polls to ensure that they keep their audience on the social media platform engaged. This is a very important activity for any company that is looking to get and retain visibility on the social media platforms. Once you fail to engage your audience, it tends to forget you and move on to other things. Proper engagement on these social media platforms has even helped to build very big and strong brands. It is actually very easy to bore your audience if you only keep on asking about products and what hey think of your company. It is thus advisable that the polls are also used for the purposes of engaging the audience.  For example, you can use the polls to get your audience’s opinion on a controversial event that has just taken place.  Make sure you ask the question in a captivating way that does not portray you as partisan. Controversy does sell and people do enjoy talking about controversial happenings, especially on social media.