Should You Care About Twitter Likes Or Retweets?

Well, it does depend on what you use your twitter account for.

Twitter likes and/or retweets are just different ways of other users showing that they find your posts interesting or good enough to be shared with their followers. If you’re just tweeting your thoughts and ideas to express yourself, then perhaps things such as twitter likes or retweets may not mean much to you. You would appreciate it if someone find it interesting enough, but you wouldn’t be too affected by it.

However, if you’re using your twitter for business, then you may need to care a bit more about your likes and retweets. These are indications of how well-received are you among your followers and also an indication of how big your market can grow because your users may share your content. Chances are, your followers’ followers are also the same target market because people often move within the same circle. If your followers like or retweet your posts, then your market just got larger too.

Use your twitter well and you’ll soon get to where you want.



Is there a better Social Learning Network than Twitter?

Sometimes back, people basically stayed active on twitter to attract followers and see who gets the highest number of twitter likes on their posts. Today, twitter is arguable the number one social learning network. Just think about it, where do news first break, twitter or on Facebook? Where do people publicize and discuss social happenings first? As you probably know, people are more likely to react and interact collectively on twitter than on any other social network.

When you are an organization that wants to publicize an upcoming event, Instagram may not create the hype and buzz that twitter can. Twitter is becoming the place to gather or do surveys in, the place to share learnt activities with friends and a place to archive what you learn when you don’t have your notebook with you. In fact, soon twitter might become a lecture room for some online colleges, and twitter likes might become the bench mark of the most valid arguments set out.

Actively Promote your Social Media Pages on other Social Media Platforms

One common and widely used way of getting free likes is by linking your different social media pages. Most people tend to just put up the links and leave it there. They never actually work to push to redirect people’s attention to the other social media [pages. They then sit and start wondering why the links that they put up are not getting them the results that they hoped they would.
The truth is that you have to actively promote the pages. You do not need to just put a link and expect that some form of magic will work itself. You have to literally promote your other pages. Talk to your twitter followers and let them know of an interesting conversation that is taking place on your Facebook page then redirect them there with the link. Talk to your Facebook friends and let them know of an interesting twitter poll that you are conducting then provide them with the link to redirect them there. This is a much more effective way of getting those free likes than simply giving people your Twitter or Instagram username eon your Facebook page.

How many free followers do you need to be super famous on twitter?

If there is something people are always searching for on twitter is followers. Having the biggest following in your city or neighborhood can elevate you to a special status in the presence of friends. If these many free followers also give you multiple likes and retweets to your posts, then you are on the right path to becoming a social media celebrity. But to become super famous on twitter, ten thousands followers might not be enough for you.

Most of the most famous people on twitter have tens of millions of followers, and although some of them do buy these followers, at least a good number of the followers are genuine. To gain popularity in any big city also demands having at least several hundred thousand followers, maybe half a million followers. If you have anything lower than one hundred thousand freefollowers can only make you a celebrity in a specific niche, but not a super famous person in the country. But since we can’t all get a million free followers, the goal should be to get as many followers as you can especially if you might need them for business or other purposes.

Should you buy favorites or Automatic likes for twitter?

So you want more followers and exposure on twitter but you can’t figure out whether to buy favorites or likes? Look for a super social platform app manager. Today you don’t have to get stuck wondering what features on Facebook can help you get more exposure and more interaction from your fans and customers. There is also no restriction as to how many automatic likes you can buy for your account, because with social platform manager apps you can bring all your social media accounts together.

The fact that there are so many apps that sell automatic likes for all accounts, and apps that can sell favorites, followers and likes at the same time should also help you decide where to invest your money. In most cases however, twitter is more preferred for its favorites and retweet icon, even though the like button is used more often. Twitter marketers also need to be more specific when investing in likes or favorites, because their ideal goal at the end of it all should be to turn the exposure into potential sales increases.

Why Automatic Likes Have a Limit

If you are subscribing for automatic likes, there are things you should put in perspective because they have limits involved with the same. Every beneficial thing has restrictions that make the whole experience worthwhile for those who adhere to them. Those who assume all these ends up not gaining adequately and blaming the vendors for the services. The problem lies on the customer’s part, and that’s why it is important to understand the terms of each vendor.


The packages set by the vendors dictate some automatic likes to be generated on a day or per posted content. All these information is contained in the packages like the basic and the premium ones. It is important to understand that whatever the subscription, most vendors prefer to limit the likes to the number of posted content to a maximum of 4 uploads. This is to prevent abuse of their services by people who posted many things on a single day. Any post above the set 4 will not attract this purchased likes, and you may feel like the vendor conned you. Understand the terms like such to ensure you post consistent quality in the given slots.

How To Increase Your Followers The Easy Way

It is always the desire of each and every person on social media to have a very huge following. As a matter of fact, those people who enjoy a considerably large following always tend to have a thrilling experience on social media and also get to relish in popularity as well. Nonetheless, if you have been down on this road you will attest to the fact that increasing your followers to the desired number is usually not an easy task and could end up frustrating you at the end of it all. However, you can now purchase free followers for your various social media accounts to solve this problem.

The buying of free followers was met with a lot of criticism when it was made possible but it has proved to be an easy way for people to increase their followings on Instagram, twitter and even on soundcloud among others. In as much as it is not conventional, you do not have to struggle with low numbers of followers anymore. All you need to do is to make the simple purchase and expect a delivery within 24 hours’ time and enjoy your new experience with a larger following.

Sharing Content To Get More Free Likes.

The easiest way to gain more free likes is sharing content from other influencers on respective social media platforms you have an account with. We tend to assume that the only content we write is what will attract followers and generate many likes forgetting how important sharing is. Instead of posting low-quality content, save yourself the stress because of the little impact it will make and share content from others. Sharing content that interests your followers will get you many free likes even though it’s not your original posted content. All you have done is directed traffic to your page or account with the post.


Caution should be taken when sharing, though. Let whatever you sharing be in line with your profile description as shared content may turn to be disastrous and make you lose your followers. Use the sharing effectively as a way of complementing the content you usually post, clearing controversies of a certain topic under discussion or proving a point. Let the content be in line with whatever you post at all times to your followers to attract more others.

How Free Likes Give Your Account Exposure

Many people have always wondered how they could get more exposure for their social media accounts including twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Well, the secret is always in having more likes and followers as well. However, getting as many likes as possible especially has not always been a walk in the park for most social media platform users and they have been compelled to seek other alternatives to publicize their accounts across the networks and get a wide audience for the content that you get to share.

For this reason, people have opted to purchase free likes for their accounts that are received automatically when you get to share any content with your social circle. Free likes have proved to be an easy way for people to increase the publicity of their accounts and the more likes they get the more the exposure they have across the respective social network. However, it is always important that you get to exercise caution because buying of likes is against the terms of use of many social media platforms and for that reason, you could get your account banned or suspended. Ensure that you always get the best dealers by reading their reviews before making a purchase.

Benefits of using twitter polls

The biggest beneficiaries of twitter polls are the marketers and business people. This is because they earn more by learning what customers are looking for in products. Also, by using these polls, businesses get the feedback they require immediately at a much cheaper price. The average folk on the other hand do benefit a lot from these polls. For one, they can have a say in the decision making processes of a company they are loyal to. They can also be part of shaping what direction things such as politics go to by simply taking part in political polls. In any case, all twitter polls are anonymous even for the poll maker.

Another benefit with twitter polls is that they are well structured both in terms of how people can take part in them, and how responses are tabled. Anyone can clearly see a tweet with a poll in it, they can take part in the poll and retweet with ease whereas the poll make pins it for more interactivity. While filing your report, you cane easily see how the polls went on since twitter displays them on bar graphs. All polls are also public, which reduces any room for cheating or hiding of poll details.